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Business of the month (Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Laval)

Business of the month


Balcan Plastics :

a model of success

This company, which started modestly in 1967 is now the largest manufacturing company of plastic film in Canada. The company
now has three factories, two of which are located in Montreal and the third, most recent, opened in Laval in the early 2000s.

In Canada, Balcan Plastics, was the first manufacturing company to produce plastic films and bags used  by the Dry cleaners and clothing companies. Previously, these products were imported. In addition, the
majority of their products are created to meet specific needs expressed by their customers.
With new technologies, Balcan has developed,over the years, various products, including boat film for winter storage and house wrap for prefabricated homes.
More and more customers demand products that are
environmentally friendly . These requirements have led the company to develop new generations of biodegradable films; high performance and thinner multilayer  films used
in the horticulture and shipping sac industries.Innovation is what drives the  Balcan team.This innovation, driven by demand for new products to meet customer needs,
requires research and development in new technologies, new manufacturing processes, while  keeping in mind the continued leadership of this company's environmental sustainability program.
The Laval plant, which has over 150 employees, is the latest and  at the cutting edge of technology. The company has invested in excess of $40 million in this show piece plant.
It should be mentioned that 75% of  the products manufactured
in this factory are exported all over North America.
The efforts of this company have been recognized by the Canadian Plastic Industry Association ( ACIP) that  awarded it Export recognition award called “ Galea” to Balcan in 2003.
 The company was also honored by FEPAC (Federation of Plastics and Composites), with the honorary prize “ Innova” for it’s energy efficiency, in 2010 Control production costs, protect the environment,
remain competitive in a tough economic times are all challenges faceced brilliantly by Balcan Plastics.

Photo: Louis Gouron, vice-president sales and marketing, Balcan Plastics; Jean-Luc Paul, président de la Chambre