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Awards and Publications
Sustainable Energy Project-Fepac 2010

Balcan Plastics First Film Extruding
Honored by the FEPAC organization

Balcan Plastics/First Film Extruding is proud to be a true ambassador of energy efficiency. For the past nine years, in partnership with Hydro-Québec, this Saint-Léonard firm, which specializes in the production of plastic bags and plastic film, has implemented various programs to reduce its electricity consumption and energy footprint. Substantial results of these actions, however, have only become truly apparent since 2005.These initiatives are helping the company to control costs and remain competitive in an era of fluctuating exchange rates, as we continue to offer customers the finest quality and service. Our energy savings now total close to 29%, and we have just learned that our company has reached the “Elite” category of Hydro-Québec’s Energy Saving Circle.Balcan Plastics/First Film Extruding is equally proud of the recognition received from FEPAC, a world-class international organization of which we are founding member. We thank the association for bestowing its “Honoris Innova 2010” award on our company. What a wonderful honour!Hydro-Québec points out the importance of involving the entire company in the project, from managers to plant workers. Guillermo Franco is head of the firm’s energy division. An electrical engineer with Balcan Plastics for 34 years, Guillermo is on the leading edge of innovation, be it electricity, electronics or energy efficiency. His sense of curiosity, reading, research and constant efforts to stay up to date fuel his wealth of knowledge in these areas, which he in turn reinvests in his work.

A special vote of thanks goes to Marcos Kohn, President of Balcan Plastics Ltd, and his sons, Michael and Izzy Kohn, for their generous financial contribution, which has made this project possible. The Kohn family congratulates Guillermo Franco on the success of all his energy efficiency projects