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Balcan Plastics First Film Extruding is among the North American leaders in Flexible Packaging and Lamination Films. With over 40 years of experience, this leadership is due to a broad and integrated production capability, distributed across three distinct manufacturing sites.

Our range of products:

Roll stock: U film, J film, sheeting, tubing, plain or gusseted
• Shrink bundling film, boat wrap film, mobile houses wrap, shingle wrap
• Bags on rolls, sheets on rolls
• Stretch hooders, shrink hooders, pallet covers, anti skid slip sheets
• Loose bags: side sealed, bottom sealed, flat packed, on wickets, with die cut handle, with  adhesive tape etc…
• Valve bags, bags for fine powder and aggregate
• Garment film for the needle trade and dry cleaning industry.

All available in mono or co extruded film, in any color (tint, translucent or opaque), and attractive printing of up to 6 colors line print and 8 colors process.

Our commitment to quality

We at Balcan Plastics First Film Extruding recognize that the quality of our products, services and activities contributes significantly to the continuing growth of our business. To this end we have committed ourselves to providing plastic film and converted products, which satisfy the stated needs and expectations of our customers. Our quality system is managed to ensure we can meet, or exceed, recognized quality standards and is operated with the involvement of our employees in order to make Balcan Plastics First Film Extruding the quality leader in our industry.




  Sustainable Packaging

100% Recyclable

· Is beneficial creating a clean, safe and healthy environment for packaging facilities, retail stores, and transport companies 

· Product manufactured with clean production technology and renewable energy

· Healthy for individuals and communities and decreasing carbon foot print

·Designed for better product performance and reduces cost

· Retailers appreciate the end product presentation

ISO 9001: 2015


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